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We live in an era of taking food for granted. Despite the devotion, sweat and dedication the producers invest into products, the unique environments which give them life, the history, philosophy and culture which have shaped them, a gap occurred between the consumer and the soul of the product. This is why we strongly believe that flavours should be explored, thought about, studied, and as members of a new generation, it is our responsibility to bridge that gap between the consumer and the soul of the product.



What drives us is curiosity and love for flavour. Curiosity and love for those products that are a result of sweat, patience and dedication. Because we live in a world where food and beverages have become a commodity, a means to satisfying desires and temptations, there should be someone like us with the sole purpose of bringing unique, authentic, often overlooked and delicious products to light.



We begin with getting familiar with a geographical area, as well as its local producers, cuisine and culture.


We personally introduce ourselves to the producers we selected, with the aim to build a mutually beneficial relationship with them.


Following our introduction, we get to know the producers and their products deeply with the aim of collecting valuable information for our clients.

The aim of this process is to provide high-quality, unique products to our clients in a knowledgeable manner. Being able to answer all of our clients’ questions related to our products, as well as providing additional advice, ensures that the full potential of the product can be used.
“Without exploration, there is no creativity.”

Flavour exploration


Direct Import